To check semester 2 – GRADE 11 – Duration: 45 minutes

To check semester 2 – GRADE 11 – Duration: 45 minutes

To check semester 2 – GRADE 11 – Duration: 45 minutes


I. Pick out the word whose underlined and bold part is pronounced differently from that of the other words.

1.    A. talked               B. naked                      C. asked                       D. liked

2.    A. chemist                        B. chicken                   C. church                     D. century

3.    A. involve                         B. subzero                   C. go                            D. alone

4.    A. chalk                B. champagne              C. machine                  D. ship

5.    A. sun                   B. sure                         C. success                    D. sort


II. Pick out the word that has the stress differently from that of the other words.

6.    A. ability                           B. already                    C. retirement                D. uniform

7.    A. excellent                      B. gymnastics              C. stadium                   D. restaurant

8.    A. champion                     B. common                  C. foremost                  D. respect

9.    A. eventual                       B. qualify                    C. president                 D. volleyball

10.  A. penalty                         B. personal                  C. position                   D. powerful



I.  Choose the best answer among A, B, C or D that best completes each sentence.

11.  Leningrad was_____St Petersburg.

A. rename                    B. renamed                  C. renaming                 D. to rename

12.  Neil Armstrong was the first man to_____foot on the moon.

A. try                           B. let                            C. put                           D. set

13.  The sheer size of the cathedral is a_____reminder of the power of religion.

A. whole                      B. continual                 C. continuous              D. constant

14.  Cuts in the health service could have tragic_____for patients.

A. effect                      B. results                      C. consequences          D. damage

15.  We were just talking about her when, at that precise_____, she walked in.

A. time                         B. period                      C. date                         D. moment

16.  Please_____attention to what I am saying.

A. draw                        B. put                           C. pay                          D. take

17.  No candidate fulfils all the_____for this position.

A. standard                  B. experience               C. criteria                     D. require

18.  I have heard nothing from him since_____.

A. he had left               B. he leaves                 C. he has left               D. he left

19.  -“What was your impression_____that concert? – “I thought it was great.”

A. of                      B. to                      C. with                 D. at

20.  Colonists______in isolated areas of Northern America were almost totally self-sufficient.

A. lived                 B. living               C. who living    D. who that lived

21.  We should use______time we have available to discuss Jon’s pro­posal.

A. the little of     B. little                 C. the few            D. the little

22.  My new employer gave me a(n)_____on my salary to buy some

work clothes.

A. payment          B. finance            C. advance          D. money

23.  Bill is jealous______your promotion.

A. of                      B. with                  C. for                    D. at

24. The committee plans to______again in about six months.

A. conduct           B. condense        C. contest            D. convene

25. The Civil War______in 1861 and lasted for four years.

A. begin                B. began               C. beginning       D. which began


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