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Test online English K12-Test 28: Please read and answer by choice, choose one that best answers for each of the following

I have been traveling to different parts of my country, and I (1)_________ a lot about interesting lifestyles and customs. Once, I (2) _________ to the Northwestern places of the country. In many ethnic villages I (3) _________ to, I was impressed by some of their beautiful traditional customs. For instance, most of the villagers (4)_________ in extended families, and they held a close relationship among family members. In addition, young people always (5)_________ their respect for their ancestors and for their elderly people. People (6) _________ also willing to give a hand when someone was in need. Members of the family helped one another with household chores as well as with farm work. While men (7) _________ on the fields,

How to best pass the English exam for K12? Please

How to best pass the English exam for K12? Please test belows: Test english K12-13

Choose one that best answers
(Howtobest.net) – Test online English, Please Choose one that best answers  for each of the following.