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Test english grade 11 for exam times 2 – free download

Test english grade 11 – free download


Choose the word whose underlined part is pronounced differently.

1). A). spear                    B). hear                   C). dear                    D). swear

2). A). thin                      B). thick                  C). thus                    D). think

3). A). cough                   B). rough                 C). tough                 D). though

4). A). torch                    B). torn                    C). worn                  D). work

5). A). off                        B). knife                  C). safe                    D). of

Read the following passage and then choose the most suitable word for each space

Three people jumped … …( 1) a car on a busy Oxford road after a fire started under the bonnet this morning. They were just able to rescue their possessions before the car burst into … …..(2). Mr. Peter Collins, 25, of Wey Road, Berinsfield …….(3) his Avenger astate car home … ….(4) work with two friends when he noticed smoke coming into the car. He stopped, … …(5) was unable to open the bonnet. He poured a bottle of water over the radiator where the smoke was coming from, but could not put out the flames. He then …… (6) to get fire extinguishers from a nearby…… …(7) , but ….(8) also failed to have any effect. ….(9) he telephoned for a ….(10) , but by the time it arrived, the car was totally burned out.

Choose the word which best fits each gap of the passage.

Choose the word which best fits each gap of the passage.

Although all Americans do not (1) … the same way, their speech  has enough in common that American English can be recognized as a (2)  … of English distinct from British English, Australian English and other national varieties. American English has grown up with the country. It began to (3) ….. from British English during its colonial beginnings and (4) …. regional differences and ethnic flavor. Today it (5) … ….other languages and other varieties of English because it is the medium by which the attractions of American culture – its literature, (6) ….pictures and television programs – are transmitted to the world.