STUDENTS CHOOSE EXAM-provincial excellent test subjects: English-12-HS -Time: 180 minutes (excluding the time Affairs)

STUDENTS CHOOSE EXAM-provincial excellent test subjects: English-12-HS -Time: 180 minutes (excluding the time Affairs)


Question I: Choose the word whose underlined part is pronounced differently from the rest in the same line. (2 pts)

1. A. famous                            B. nervous                     C. favourite                    D. mountain

2. A. through                           B. enough                      C. rough                         D. tough

Question II: Find the word with the stress pattern different from that of the other three  words in each question. (3 pts)

3. A.  passion                B. encourage                  C. occasion                    D. depend

4. A. participant            B. publicity                     C. competitive               D. Individual

5. A.  limitation              B. documentary              C. government                D. interactive


Question I: Choose the most suitable word or phrase to complete each sentence. (15 pts)

6. …………..1915 that the cinema really became an industry.

A. It is not until                   B. It was not until                   C. Not until                    D. Until in

7. I really appreciate________ to help me, but I am sure I’ll be able to manage by myself.

A. you to offer                   B. you are offering                  C. your offering              D. that you offer

8. My friend’s uncle has been________ MP ( Member of Parliament) for five years.

A. a                           B. an                              C. the                             D. Ø

9.  – Daisy: “What a lovely house you have!”                     – Mary: “………….”

A. Lovely, I think so                                        B. No problem

C. Of course not, it’s not costly                       D. Thank you. Hope you will drop in

10. My new glasses cost me _______ the last pair I bought last month.

A. more than three times                               C. more three times than

B. three times as much as                              D. as much three times as

11.  We bought some  ________.

A. German lovely old glasses                       B. German old lovely glasses

C. lovely old German glasses                        D. old lovely German glasses

12. After years of neglect, there was a huge _____ program to return the city to its former glory.

A. restoration           B. preservation                 C. conservation                      D. Refurbishment

13. We all have to follow the rules, and none of us is_____ the law.

A. beyond                 B. over                              C. above                        D. Onto

14. On the_____, optimists believe that life will be much better than it is today.

A. contrary              B. contrast                     C. opposition                           D. opponent

15. You had your house decorated, ………….. ?

A. hadn’t you           B. didn’t you                 C. weren’t you               D. haven’t you

16. A part – time job gives me the freedom to ………… my own interests.

A. pursue                   B. chase                         C. seek                          D. catch

17. The type of plant and animal life living in and around a pond depends on the soil of the pond, ………….., and the pond’s location.

A. what the quality of the water is                             B. how is the water quality

C. the quality of water                                               D. what is the water quality

18. __________ its accuracy, laser is very useful in medicine.

A. In view of             B. As a result of             C. Thanks to                            D. Despite

19. ______ for their strong fiber include flax and hemp.

A. Plants are grown                                                B. Plants grown

C. Plants that grow                                       D. To grow plants

20. ______ appears considerably larger at the horizon than it does overhead is merely an optical illusion.

A. What the Moon                                        B. The Moon which

C. When the Moon                                        D. That the Moon


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