Read the passage below carefully.

Read the passage below carefully. Then choose the correct answer: A, B, C or D that best answers the question about the passage.

When we were in England last year, I went fishing with my friend, Peter. Early in the morning we were sitting quietly by the side of the lake when we had an unpleasant surprise. We saw a duck come along with three ducklings padding cheerfully behind her. As we watched them, there was a sudden swirl in the water. We caught a glimpse of the vicious jaws of a pike- a fish which is rather like a freshwater shark- and one of the ducklings was dragged below the surface.

This incident made Peter furious. He vowed to catch the pike. On three successive mornings we returned to the vicinity and used several different kinds of bait. On the third day Peter was lucky. Using an artificial frog as bait, he managed to hook the monster. There was a desperate fight but Peter was determined to capture the pike and succeeded. When he had got it ashore and killed it, he wieghed the fish and found that it scaled nearly thirty pounds- a record for that district.


1. To what does surprise in line 3 probably refer?


2. Which of the following titles best sums up the whole passage?


3. Which of the following titles best sums up the whole passage?


4. What were Peter’s feelings about the incident two days later?


5. Why do you think Peter was sitting quietly by the lake ?


6. How much was the pike worth?


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