National high school exam test time 90 minutes English for free download

National high school exam test time 90 minutes English for free download



   Identify the word whose underlined part is pronounced differently from that of the others.

  1. A. privacy                     B. flight                                    C. recycle                      D. vivid
  2. A. introduce                  B. huge                         C. flute                         D. cute
  3. A. ballet                       B. inlet                          C. buffet                       D. stay

Identify the word that has the stress pattern different from that of the other words.

  1. A. elegant                       B. array                         C. departure                   D. inherit
  2. A. belief                       B. dinosaur                    C. argument                   D. challenge

Choose the right word or phrase to complete the sentences.

6. The news was                          to them that they were all dead silent.

A. such shock                B. such a shock              C. so shock                    D. too shock

7. In the United States                 the states but Hawaii is an island.

A. none of                     B. neither of                  C. all of                        D. no of

8. What a                      ! I have left the umbrella at home and now it starts raining.

A. complaint                  B. sorry                         C. shame                       D. regret

9.                      are forms of carbon has been known since the late 18th century.

A. Diamonds                 B. Diamonds, which       C. Because diamonds      D. That diamonds

10. “Which blouse do you like best?”  “ The one                .”

A. I tried it on first         B. I tried on first            C. I tried on it first         D. I tried it on firstly

11. We would rather Helen                       us all the information we needed. We should have been well informed.

A. sent                          B. send                          C. had sent                    D. have sent

12. Sorry, my father is out. Can I                                     a message?

A. leave                        B. take                          C. put                           D. make

13.                     pollution control measures are expensive, many industries hesitate to adopt them.

A. Because                    B. Although                   C. However                   D. On account of

14. Income tax rates are usually                to one’s annual income.

A. dependent                 B. associated                  C. adapted                     D. related

15. The majority of primary school teachers                                   women.

A. is                             B. are                            C. includes                    D. including

16. The restaurant is very popular with film stars, artists, and the                .

A. same             B. similar                      C. such                          D. like

17. There are different styles in classical music,                  on when the music was composed.

A. depend                      B. depending                 C. depends                     D. depended

18. His house is nothing out of the                       ; it’s just an average four- room house.

A. normal                      B. typical                      C. ordinary                    D. usual

19. “ Let me see. Will five o’clock do?” the nurse answered the patient who wanted an appoinment.

The most appropriate response is “                                   .”

A. Exactly!                    B. Not at all                   C. Maybe, it will            D. Fine

20. “ That trumpet player was certainly loud.” “ I wasn’t bothered by his loudness                 by his lack of talent.”

A. so much as                B. rather than                 C. as                             D. than

21. This magazine is very good. If you like reading, you should                   to it.

A. contribute                 B. enroll                        C. buy                           D. subscribe

22. the Prime Minister stressed that lack of trained personnel would                         the progress of Third     Development Plan.

A. overcome                  B. retard                        C. increase                     D. detect

23. We asked him to go back, but he insisted on watching the sun coming down at                .

A. sunrise                      B. dawn                        C. noon             D. dusk

24.                     today, there would be nowhere for them to stay.

A. Were they to arrive                B. If they arrive C. Had they arrive          D. Provided they arrived


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